Wackypixel Selected Links!
This section provides you with some useful links to other web sites related to companies and services mainly in the graphic industry. There’s no junk here, no funky product pitch, no useless waste of time. You’ll find no link to “gathering only” sites either. We believe in creativity, originality and unique perspectives. From Apple to Microsoft, Adobe to Macromedia, it’s all here for you. Do you want to learn more about some cool technology or are you looking for an upgrade or some particular software product? Get ready and start your journey right here, your personal launch pad to the world of computer graphics.
Apple Computer Inc.
Everything Mac! Mac OS X, Quicktime and more!
Desktop pictures, wallpapers, news and more…
The Makers of Windows and Windows XP!
The Apple Collection
Lots of everything! A huge collection of wallpapers.
Adobe Systems
Graphics powerhouse, Photoshop, Illustrator…
Customize your OS X GUI with loads of themes…
Director, Flash, Dreamweaver and Fireworks!
High Quality Royalty Free Music!
Download updates, news, patches and fixes!
Home of IconWorkshop for Windows XP.
Panic Software
Home of Unison and Transmit!
The Aqua Files
Stock Toolbar Set: 82 Icons
Steve Wozniak’s own web site… Pay him a visit!
Linkl Exchange Program!
If you want to exchange links with us please email us and let us know more about your site, your product, your company and yourself! We consider all proposals for inclusion but will only tend to serious offers and those committed to providing serious services. We also have space available for advertising, so please contact us if you’re interested. If you want to see a particular link featured here please feel free to suggest it, we’ll consider your input for future inclusions.
All software linked by this page is sole property of the respective companies. The Wackypixel Co. is not liable for damages resulting from the use fo such applications.
For information and questions related the use of these applications please contact the authors of the software.