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This section is dedicated to the noble cause of serving others. We provide high-quality icons free of charge for the sole purpose of promoting charitable action and spreading the word of service. We also design custom icons for non-profit organizations at no cost under our Volunteer Service Program. So go ahead and download any of the icon sets featured here, they’re free but we expect you to visit the links featured here. Please consider making a donation or otherwise helping these noble causes; after all, an improvement in our communities is also an improvement in our own lives. Please help, in any way you can!

All icons featured here are not for sale and are intended for personal use only. Under no circumstances may they be distributed or used for commercial purposes.


Cars Icons
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The Incredibles
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Finding Nemo
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Ice Age Characters
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Wallace & Gomit
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Dogs n’ Pups
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Please Visit and Consider Helping the Following:
These links will take you to non-profit organizations and charities dedicated to community service and possitive action. Please consider a donation or, if you can, volunteering your time and/or services just like we do here. If you would like to see your non-profit organization featured in this section please eMail us with details on your work, the help you provide to your community and other details, we’ll be glad to help! We do not accept donations on behalf of any of the organizations featured here, please contribute directly by visiting the organization’s web site or local office.

American Red Cross
A Helping Hand In Times of Need…
Animal Humane Association of N.M.
Open Your Heart and Help Needy Animals…
Best Friends Animal Society
Caring for Homeless and Neglected Pets…
Friends of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
Please Give to Families in Need…
UNM Children’s Hospital
Advanced Pediatric Care in N.M…
Running Strong for American Indian Youth
Helping Native American Kids…
The Wackypixel Co. is not associated with any of the organizations featured in this section.
If you would like to obtain more information about any of the charities we feature please contact their representatives directly. If you would like to see your group featured here please eMail us with details on your work.